At Miljayega, we strive to reunite you with your lost property, missing child or pet.

Our Purpose

A few first-hand experiences, some second-hand stories and numerous posts on social media, WhatsApp floats, and newspaper notices about found people and pets unable to find their way back to families gave birth to Miljayega. We envision a society where there are no more missing cases or separations and there’s always hope for reunion.

Our other solutions include- an extensive and comprehensive platform that helps to get reunited with lost valuables and pets; a range of ItsMyThing products, designed to make all missing valuables and pets recoverable; and a Lost and Found Management Software developed to digitalize the corporate efforts and increase successful handovers.

How are we making a difference?

We at have been researching for the past few years to find a one-stop solution to a fundamental challenge that humans across the globe are facing today; losing their valuables or belongings. This led us to come up with a first-ever technology-driven lost and found portal that acts as a centralized repository for all individuals and organizations to report and claim lost and found belongings. Powered by Miljayega’s unique Corporate LFMS (Lost and Found Management Software) the platform ensures the identity of the owners resulting in legitimate handovers.

Why Us?

We provide you with the most hassle free solution to these never ending solutions. No trouble of downloading and installing apps as all you require is your mobile camera to activate and use the tags. Our easy to use and revolutionary IMT product range makes it convenient for Samaritans like you to help others in need and expect others to come for your rescue as well. Taking it a notch up are the Smart Wristbands which you can make your children and elderly wear to help them being guided by strangers in case of emergency situations.

Even though you might have found enough reasons to join our community by now, the most important one remains your good intention to help others in need and be a beacon of hope.

We are in for the Long Haul

Miljayega Corporate

Customizables software solutions aimed at corporates and institutions to record and trick items which are reported as found or lost.

QR Code System

An easily manageable system to store relevant information in QR code stickers for gadgets, automobiles and other belongings.

Tracking Mechanism

Upcoming lightweight tracking devices for children, elderly and pets linked to an app for easy monitoring.

Miljayega Lost and Found Management Software

  • Wide

  • Cost

  • Frequent

  • Retain Customer

  • Maintain
    Employee Ease

  • Device Flexible:
    Access on the move

  • Self-Service

  • Quick

  • Powerful

  • Instant

  • Time unbound

  • Environment

Don’t you think that the amount of effort collectively put in by so many individuals and communities should ideally amount to faster and better facilitation/ Handover of lost and found property than what is currently observed?