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Simply scan the sticker, register it in the ownership and stick it on your vehicle.

No. Nobody will be able to see your number when the code is scanned. All the calls are encrypted.

No, you do not . Once you receive the MilJayega SVS you can register it in the name of the vehicle owner.

carries a unique QR code that sits

All calls to the vehicle owner and any calls to the emergency contact will always be from dedicated numbers. This means that they can save the numbers and always know the purpose of the call, even if you miss.

No, the MilJayega Smart Vehicle Sticker does not require any external application downloads. It works fine with any Smartphone via Camera or Paytm or Google Lens or Scanner Apps.

People will also be able to connect with the vehicle owner to alarm you about-

  • Any hit / damage to the vehicle by other vehicle in the parking.
  • Windows not rolled up.
  • Lights on.
  • Leakage.
  • Valuable lying in the car which can be prone to theft.
  • Vehicles getting towed.
  • Any visible threat to the vehicle- fire scene / mob / others.

MilJayega Smart Vehicle Sticker does not require any application downloads. It can be scanned with most phone cameras since they have inbuilt scanner. One can also use any scanner application Paytm application to scan, but GPay and PhonePe do NOT read open QR codes. or Google Lens or Scanner Apps.

You can scan QR Codes using Google and choosing one of the below methods–

  • Open Google Assistant and locate Google Lens option on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Open the Camera and point it at a QR Code to scan a QR Code and open its contents.
  • Open Chrome and click on scan QR Code from the Settings option to scan a QR Code.

Simply scan using the phone camera. The iOS 11 update added the native capability to all iPhones allowing them to scan QR codes without an app.

Smartphones with Android 9 and above have an in-built QR Code scanner in their cameras, courtesy Google Lens. To activate, open the camera app and click on settings to activate Google Lens suggestions to scan QR Codes.

Android 8Smartphones have the Google Screen Search, point the camera at a QR Code and long-press the home button, and click on ‘What’s on my screen?’ to see the contents of the QR Code. If the smartphone’s screen search is not on, open the Google app and tap Navigation. From the settings, enable Screen Search.

For smartphones with Android 7 and below, a third-party app is required to scan QR Codes. You can use Snapchat, Amazon and Paytm to scan QR Codes on Android without having to download an additional app.

Pixel smartphones come with an in-built Google Lens option in their cameras.

To scan with the camera, simply point the camera at a QR Code and click on the URL displayed by the QR Code. To scan a QR Code with Google Lens, open Google Assistant and click on the Google Lens symbol to activate it.

Samsung. Galaxy S8 and S8 plus come with an inbuilt QR Code Scanner.

Xiaomi. You will find a QR Code scanner inbuilt in the camera of the Xiaomi smartphone models Like Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi4, MEIZU m2, Xiaomi Redmi along with other camera features.

Lenovo. K3 Note has an inbuilt QR Code scanner in the camera.

Motorola. Phone Camera has an inbuilt QR Code scanner, inbuilt in the second-generation series Moto G5, Moto X, the Moto X Pro, Moto Maxx, Moto Turbo and DROID Turbo. Other Motorola users can update their camera app to get the inbuilt QR Code scanner feature.

Micromax. Canvas 4 Plus A315 popular for its camera quality has an inbuilt QR Code reader.

Xperia. Z1 model uses the Info-eye™ feature of the default camera in the phone to scan a QR code.

Huawei. P10 and P10 plus come with an inbuilt QR Code scanning feature. You just need to activate the scanner to scan QR Codes.

HTC. U11 users can either scan the QR Code with the help of Google lens, choosing it from the sidebar menu. Or they can press the lens button and select Scan Code option.

  • Open the smartphone camera and on the right-hand corner, click More.
  • Next, click on the Settings option.
  • You will then see the option of Google Lens Suggestion. Activate this option.
  • Once activated, keep your smartphone camera close to the QR Code.
  • Camera will now be able to detect the QR Code.

Paytm has an inbuilt QR Code scanning feature.

SnapChathas an inbuilt QR Code reader. Simply click the image.

WeChat has an inbuilt QR Code reader, which allows you to scan QR Codes.

UC Browser app has an inbuilt QR Code scanner which allows you to read any QR Code content.

Opera Mini has a QR Code scanner.

Samsung Internetcomes with an inbuilt QR Scanner.

Any Scanner Application that you may use to scan documents.

  • Simply scan the sticker (Smartphone Camera / Paytm / Google Lens / Scanner Apps).
  • Register the sticker under an ownership.
  • Stick the paper material sticker (English) from inside out on the front windshield.
  • Paste the reflector material sticker (Regional language) from outside on the rear windshield.
  • Vehicle Owner should save 011-4314-5640 and expect all calls from this number.
  • Emergency Contact should save 011-4119-8274 and expect any call from this number only.
  • You are all set.

The Vehicle Owner needs to save 011-4314-5640 and all calls for the unattended vehicle will always be from this number. Emergency Contact needs to Save 011-4119-8274 and any call for the Accident or Emergency will always be from this dedicated number.

You can call up the MilJayega Support Team at +91 84478 31088 who can edit it.

The vehicle owner will always receive a call from 011-4314-5640, which should be saved on their phone and hence they will know the purpose of the call. It is most likely that your vehicle is causing inconvenience to someone else, please be around your vehicle and move it to clear the way.

Your emergency contact will receive a call from 011-4119-8274, which should be saved on their phone and hence they will know the purpose of the call. If they can answer the bystander reaching out to inform them about an accident or emergency, they should-

Identify Victim. Collect details (appearance, clothes etc.) on the driver to identify the vehicle owner. To be absolutely sure, immediately call up the vehicle owner- if they don’t answer and the phone is at the scene rings, unfortunately it’s them. Otherwise, it’s someone else who had borrowed the vehicle, in this case the vehicle owner can inform the family of the victim.

Gather details from the accident scene. Ask if any bystander is accompanying the victim to the hospital and seek their direct number. Check for the estimated time of arrival for the ambulance and the hospital name. You may also want to seek details on the other party, party at fault, number of people injured, severity, or any other detail that could be handy to better prepare.

Direct to Emergency car kit. Please direct the bystanders to any first-aid that they can use until the ambulance arrives.

Arrange Donors. If blood loss is reported, confirm the blood group and ask for availability of donors at the scene. It’s advisable to check with friends and family, seek help in Whatsapp/Telegram groups, find donors via online websites, or speak at nearest blood banks.

If the call is missed. Do not panic, simply call the MilJayega Support Team at +91 84478 31088 and we will be able to find you the number on the bystander who tried connecting.